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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Only A.C.T that makes a difference

The reason I set up a category named “GTD” is a promise and reminder for myself to act right now instead of overwhelming thoughts.  Was afraid of never getting well-prepared and fear to face failure. Unfortunately, that leads to a very bad habit of procrastinating for me. Having looked into psychological reason and ways to cheer myself up, finally I found the best and only way to deal with lack of action intention is to act immediately. Step by step, thoughts will never be only intangible ideas. At the same time, it could be more relaxing with feeling of take control of life. yes, you did it IMG_2925


Creation for this blog

As a step out-towards, this is a blog built in course of Professor Evan’s online marketing. However, it is more than an assignment for me which is a phycological change that I promise myself to express myself in public, to cultivate and challenge courage, confidence, GTD (get thing done).