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Just do it with small steps and get further to reach perfection

When learning things from book, you get confused. Reading the book of “The New Psycho-Cybernetics” and other similar theories, it stress the importance of viewing everything in detail before you get started and get fully prepared. But when you really do it, you could never get started because you could never get everything into consideration into every detail. This expectation for perfection cause a problem of procrastinating for me, then.

It seems I would have a lot of things in mind, but it turn out to be too short to be passage. I expect to be astonishing  for the first draft but every time it turned out to just meet the deadline and basic requirements.  Every time I regret and swear I would never start so late under the pressure of  deadline, I still start late next time. There seems to be no productivity even I start early but deadline be the most incentive to improve productivity.

Suffering so much through these repetitive pressure and rescue and pressure agin, I figure out the ultimate barrier is the notion that I ask myself to do things perfect at the first time and one shot.

To get rid of this, I change the view to get started with small step and just do it to get further development toward perfection during the process with several draft review. This would be a reminder every time I would hesitate to postpone tasks  into “later on”.



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