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Now or Never!

Since had the chance to read the book “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen, I made a mistake that hold the concept to put all things “Next”. However, such “next” did give a relief from facing with too much things at the same time but also make a illusion that I am very safe to do the “Next”s. Therefore, the “Next”s never come to me until very close to deadline. I wanted to travel a lot, I wanted to learn a third language, I wanted to have an experience in shooting, I wanted to go to flying courses, I wanted….. All beautiful things but had hardly been realized!

Memory goes back to the time when graduating from college and needed to choose whether go work or overseas study. The most frequent word we use to encourage each other is “Now Or Never”. So does everything else. Plan now, do it now! Should really get out of the comfort zone by not creating myself a “next” zone!nike-1023x8451


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