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You should never be afraid of competition –From Pro. Evans

To be an entrepreneur is not to play a game. It seems I could have one thousand great ideas but when take it as an idea to really invest money into, I retreat. There could be so much potent ion competition that if I could make money while others would not follow….

One very popular slogan we repeated in high school was” If you think I can, I can; If I think I can, I can!”. Similarly, this is just about an attitude about how we could look at the  notice of potential risk and difficulties. By noticing potential competitions, it is not about being beat but about making the business more stronger in core competitiveness.

With value proposition into essential areas of business but not in low pricing, competition should be an incentive to be more innovative in both cost reduce and value adding.

Complain is not a strategy to face competition, just think what to do to win it over!



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