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Appreciate every small “activity”, no single “step” would dramatic change you

Every time when I look at prologue for the purpose of recommendation, it would decreeable the book as a turning point that makes a dramatic change for life. However, every time when I finish reading the book, I felt nothing that astonishing as expected. I always look forward to gain a great value from a event, a social networking or just a meeting. However, it should be of great value when a book could provides you one or two points that throw light on you. It would be great gain if you could make a friend who keep in touch with in a social networking.

Such a bad habit also lies in the way that I would spare a whole day out and plan to make a big progress. For example, I would choose to learn how to use Adobe Dreamwearer  in a single day but not spend one hour every day for a month. The result is really clear that I alway failed to meet my expectation because the learning process require time and consistent effort.

Because I hold high expectation to a single event/activity/person, I could not appreciate those small but valuable elements in these things. Because I want to put all tasks together without breakdown, I felt stressful and impact on performance.

Appreciate every small incremental step and then change occurs; appreciate every minute and then efforts accumulates.




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