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SEO to improve the chance to be found out

Improving a website’s chance to appear on the first page of search results for the keywords can be achieved by search engine optimization (SE0). There are a couple of aspects that a website could improve to achieve SEO. Firstly, social media is of great value and importance for SEO because those media channel are constantly changing or updating with major industry keywords. From the perspective of search engine, the more recent it is, the higher rank it would be in the results. Secondly, taking the search engine algorithm into consideration during the process of designing the website should make a difference in SEO. Two types of SEO are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is how well the content is presented to the search engine while off-page SEO refers to how good other websites say about the website. On-page SEO can be refined and improve its search engine score quickly while off-page SEO account for 75% of the score and takes time to be improved. Off-page SEO is mainly to have more inbound links and inbound links from websites with high authority, which largely dependent on valuable and remarkable content. On-page SEO contains nine areas that should be clearly presented. Page title, Meta description, headings, cascading style sheets, images, domain information, MOZ rank, Google crawl date and URL structure are the places that a web designer should pay attention to. Overall, keywords should be included and put in prominent places such as title, image file and Meta data, structure need to be lay out clearly and simple, multimedia should be used appropriately but not overwhelming. More technologically, long domain name, higher Moz rank, recent Google crawling the site and clear URL structure are dependent on back-end parts of your website but worth improving on in order to achieve effective SEO.


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