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Be confident in the pace you can achieve

Get used to learn from only one book for a whole semester during all these year when I was educated in China. I found myself intentionally or automatically treat “learning something as a whole” requiring a large amount of time. That leads to a status that I would not start learning such as subject, such as learning how to use the software Dreamwear. However, that amount of whole spare time hardly came and that’s why I missed so much subjects to learn (such as VB language).

Always being told that work pace is far more different than in school, I suddenly realize why should I set myself a limitation on the pace of learning a subject. For that “long time” prediction, it is an evidence of not being confident in myself. If we can achieve a three-time faster pace in work, why can’t we achieve the same fast pace in study or self-study.

A couple of friends have told me the first half year on their job they gained more knowledge more than the accumulated four years in college. So I suppose we are all underestimate our potential in learning ability. Don’t be afraid of the coming subject, but just start conquering it.

Also there are techniques we need to apply to be a better faster learner.




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