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Get Thing done within the time. Effort to deal with procrastinating.

Be confident in the pace you can achieve

Get used to learn from only one book for a whole semester during all these year when I was educated in China. I found myself intentionally or automatically treat “learning something as a whole” requiring a large amount of time. That leads to a status that I would not start learning such as subject, such as learning how to use the software Dreamwear. However, that amount of whole spare time hardly came and that’s why I missed so much subjects to learn (such as VB language).

Always being told that work pace is far more different than in school, I suddenly realize why should I set myself a limitation on the pace of learning a subject. For that “long time” prediction, it is an evidence of not being confident in myself. If we can achieve a three-time faster pace in work, why can’t we achieve the same fast pace in study or self-study.

A couple of friends have told me the first half year on their job they gained more knowledge more than the accumulated four years in college. So I suppose we are all underestimate our potential in learning ability. Don’t be afraid of the coming subject, but just start conquering it.

Also there are techniques we need to apply to be a better faster learner.




Appreciate every small “activity”, no single “step” would dramatic change you

Every time when I look at prologue for the purpose of recommendation, it would decreeable the book as a turning point that makes a dramatic change for life. However, every time when I finish reading the book, I felt nothing that astonishing as expected. I always look forward to gain a great value from a event, a social networking or just a meeting. However, it should be of great value when a book could provides you one or two points that throw light on you. It would be great gain if you could make a friend who keep in touch with in a social networking.

Such a bad habit also lies in the way that I would spare a whole day out and plan to make a big progress. For example, I would choose to learn how to use Adobe Dreamwearer  in a single day but not spend one hour every day for a month. The result is really clear that I alway failed to meet my expectation because the learning process require time and consistent effort.

Because I hold high expectation to a single event/activity/person, I could not appreciate those small but valuable elements in these things. Because I want to put all tasks together without breakdown, I felt stressful and impact on performance.

Appreciate every small incremental step and then change occurs; appreciate every minute and then efforts accumulates.



Now or Never!

Since had the chance to read the book “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen, I made a mistake that hold the concept to put all things “Next”. However, such “next” did give a relief from facing with too much things at the same time but also make a illusion that I am very safe to do the “Next”s. Therefore, the “Next”s never come to me until very close to deadline. I wanted to travel a lot, I wanted to learn a third language, I wanted to have an experience in shooting, I wanted to go to flying courses, I wanted….. All beautiful things but had hardly been realized!

Memory goes back to the time when graduating from college and needed to choose whether go work or overseas study. The most frequent word we use to encourage each other is “Now Or Never”. So does everything else. Plan now, do it now! Should really get out of the comfort zone by not creating myself a “next” zone!nike-1023x8451

Just do it with small steps and get further to reach perfection

When learning things from book, you get confused. Reading the book of “The New Psycho-Cybernetics” and other similar theories, it stress the importance of viewing everything in detail before you get started and get fully prepared. But when you really do it, you could never get started because you could never get everything into consideration into every detail. This expectation for perfection cause a problem of procrastinating for me, then.

It seems I would have a lot of things in mind, but it turn out to be too short to be passage. I expect to be astonishing  for the first draft but every time it turned out to just meet the deadline and basic requirements.  Every time I regret and swear I would never start so late under the pressure of  deadline, I still start late next time. There seems to be no productivity even I start early but deadline be the most incentive to improve productivity.

Suffering so much through these repetitive pressure and rescue and pressure agin, I figure out the ultimate barrier is the notion that I ask myself to do things perfect at the first time and one shot.

To get rid of this, I change the view to get started with small step and just do it to get further development toward perfection during the process with several draft review. This would be a reminder every time I would hesitate to postpone tasks  into “later on”.


Only A.C.T that makes a difference

The reason I set up a category named “GTD” is a promise and reminder for myself to act right now instead of overwhelming thoughts.  Was afraid of never getting well-prepared and fear to face failure. Unfortunately, that leads to a very bad habit of procrastinating for me. Having looked into psychological reason and ways to cheer myself up, finally I found the best and only way to deal with lack of action intention is to act immediately. Step by step, thoughts will never be only intangible ideas. At the same time, it could be more relaxing with feeling of take control of life. yes, you did it IMG_2925