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Be confident in the pace you can achieve

Get used to learn from only one book for a whole semester during all these year when I was educated in China. I found myself intentionally or automatically treat “learning something as a whole” requiring a large amount of time. That leads to a status that I would not start learning such as subject, such as learning how to use the software Dreamwear. However, that amount of whole spare time hardly came and that’s why I missed so much subjects to learn (such as VB language).

Always being told that work pace is far more different than in school, I suddenly realize why should I set myself a limitation on the pace of learning a subject. For that “long time” prediction, it is an evidence of not being confident in myself. If we can achieve a three-time faster pace in work, why can’t we achieve the same fast pace in study or self-study.

A couple of friends have told me the first half year on their job they gained more knowledge more than the accumulated four years in college. So I suppose we are all underestimate our potential in learning ability. Don’t be afraid of the coming subject, but just start conquering it.

Also there are techniques we need to apply to be a better faster learner.




Being less effective, would ads be reduced

It is apparent that print advertisements market throughout the world experienced a significant reduce as newspapers such as NY Times has gone only digital version. Also, smart consumers rely more on social media review and used experience, leading to advertisement into a less effective place in persuading consumers to make purchase decision. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that advertisement would be reduced in the new environment. However, the truth is reverse. As marketer makes prediction that “US Total Media Ad Spend Inches Up, Pushed by Digital”.

Click the picture to read prediction from emarker.


Inevitable irrational -odd pricing

Always tried to be an rational consumer, but could still fall into those irrational zone such as odd pricing.

You should never be afraid of competition –From Pro. Evans

To be an entrepreneur is not to play a game. It seems I could have one thousand great ideas but when take it as an idea to really invest money into, I retreat. There could be so much potent ion competition that if I could make money while others would not follow….

One very popular slogan we repeated in high school was” If you think I can, I can; If I think I can, I can!”. Similarly, this is just about an attitude about how we could look at the  notice of potential risk and difficulties. By noticing potential competitions, it is not about being beat but about making the business more stronger in core competitiveness.

With value proposition into essential areas of business but not in low pricing, competition should be an incentive to be more innovative in both cost reduce and value adding.

Complain is not a strategy to face competition, just think what to do to win it over!


Value of Marketing /Business to society

Hard to believe, but I didn’t anything into the core concept of marketing before I went for the marketing major for an master’s degree. The original imagination for marketing was something similar to “communication” which seems add no value but cost for the business value chain. During the first course of marketing, I was even told about a survey result that a large percent (around 80%) of  interviewees who work on marketing related jobs think marketing does not create value for society.

However, deep into marketing, I find myself see more value points in marketing. In broad notion, STP(Segmentation, Targeting and positioning) provides companies a hint to find out the more specific market with its core competitive value proposition. That would help avoid competitors waste social resources in price war. Also, product innovation generate incentive for new business into unfulfilled areas of human life, which add diversity to life. Even for advertising and communication, it would lead to a low cost for a company when large amount of consumers get to know the product they want and thus the reduced cost could benefit society by reduce product price from the company.

In addition, here is Helen Aker states about there are other values that marketing create value to the society in competition, redistribution, information and development.